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The Highland Connection - A Blog for 2020

A Blog from 2020

This Blog will be about enjoyable, and interesting walks taken, along with any interesting places visited, from 2020. 

Due to the Covid restrictions, mostly uplifted in the UK by now; we have not been as far afield as expected during 2020 and 2021. Hopefully this will change for 2022.

Included in the Interesting Walks and Topics page, will be some more descriptive, enjoyable, and interesting walks, and places, with photographs, that have been done over the last few years.

Topics will mostly cover, in the UK; the West Highland of Scotland, the Yorkshire Dales, the English Lake District, and local ones in my home county of Lancashire - so we will see how it goes!

A personal sojourn - or moments in time.........

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Interesting walk updated 19th March, 2020 - Malham, in the Yorkshire Dales; a geological marvel.

Blog updated September 2021 - Scotland Holiday

Visitors may be interested in knowing that the main image at the top of the page shows the mountains of Glen Coe, in Scotland, and the windy road is an old Drovers road built in 1786, which having walked along, is an impressive construction of the road builders of the time, in such a rugged environment.

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