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The Highland Connection - A Blog for 2020

End of Lockdown.

With the ending of lockdown in the UK, more people are getting out and about. This also gives us the opportunity to travel further afield to enjoy walks; however, for the moment we remain cautious.

During the lockdown period, which also coincided with brilliant sunny weather, and Springtime, it was enjoyable to see the woodland, and countryside, Springtime colours change. However, from a personal photographers aspect, the trees are now too green!

So having recently taken a couple of recent photographs in the local woodland, I decided to remove all the surrounding green colour, and just leave the main structures in colour. See what you think?

One photograph is a bridge over the small River Roddlesworth, which feeds a large reservoir called Roddlesworth. The second photograph shows one of the reservoirs water run-offs, which carries surplus water from a higher level reservoir, to a lower level one. The architectural structures of these reservoirs, dams, feeder streams, and run offs, are quite impressive, thanks to Victoria engineers in the 19th century, which built these in about 1860.


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