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The Highland Connection - A Blog for 2020

Spring Time Colours

Our weather in the UK has been unusually sunny and warm since March, and with the recent reduction of the UK government daily exercise lockdown restrictions, it has been an opportunity to travel a wee bit further from base.

This time of year the springtime colours have been great and a joy, just to walk through the woodland, and open countryside around us.

The colours of the new leaves on a variety of tree in one woodland plantation, along with the ground carpeted with bluebells in many places, and with fresh growth in the hedgerows on the quiet country roads nearby, have been a photographers delight.

These are a just selection of photos from a couple of the walks.




Please note the image cannot be enlarged, as they were originally very big files. I may add them to a Gallery at a later date, where they can be viewed in a larger format. Enjoy.

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