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The Highland Connection - A Blog for 2020

Welcome to January 2021

Have been rather pre occupied with my Family History Research business opportunity - which has given me a fascinating insight into people and their family past, including my own by the way; subsequently my idea of a regular blog failed miserably.

Delving back into the 19th and 18th Century, and on the odd family link, 16th Century, records; has given me a realistic view of the social history of the time, and as you research further, you get the urge to follow a family tree, then you reluctantly hit the proverbial brick wall! 

In the UK, the 19th century Victorians started requiring people to register births, deaths and marriages - also known as BMD: from 1837. Before that you have to rely on local Parish records, and other country records of the time. They also introduced the UK 10 year Census records from 1841, which we can access up to 1911.

These Census records give you a more detailed insight into the people, their families, trades, places of birth, and their homes. I have been able to access  the individual registration of death certificates, which also tell you what a person sadly died of, where, their spouse, and parents. This research creates a fascinating, and many sad stories, of how people lived in the past, up to 200 years ago, which is not that long. For example the internet is only about 40 years old!

So, for 2021, as I create this blog, we in the UK are on another national lockdown with Covid, as are many other countries around the world. Hopefully, with vaccines being brought on stream, we will all be seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

So a New Year resolution is to try and keep this blog regularly update. So here goes.

Recently we have had snow, not unusual in Winter for the higher hills, and mountains of the UK. But at lower levels a bit of a rarity. So a couple of photographs taken locally about a week ago, to get this 2021 blog rolling again.



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